Product Review: Lumière De Vie Full Regimen Kit

Let’s talk about your skin

Here are a list of facts that may surprise you.

The first time I saw this picture I was just as surprised, grossed out, amazed and shocked as you are right now.

It made me want to take better care of my skin.

Don’t know what products to use on your skin?

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My Skincare Journey

I was always taught to make sure that I take care and protect my skin. I washed it every day, morning and night (at least the majority of the time). But realized that water can only do so much for my skin. This is when the billionth of a volt hit me and when I started to look into skincare products.

I would literally Google everything there was to know about the skin and skin care. I was so conditioned to using soap on my face because that’s what I was taught (thanks Mama!) But after attending several skincare classes and working in the beauty industry for over 2 and a half years now, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t educated enough as I should have been about the products that I use daily. I’ve loved researching about different skincare products and even DIY products. It led me to try several different product lines from drugstore to high-end. There were only a few that really worked for my skin until I discovered this entire line of beauty.

Lumière de Vie Full Regimen Kit


The Lumière de Vie Full Regimen Kit has eight different products to create a full skincare regimen. And they recently added new additions to the family, a neck crème and needle-free serum (stay tuned for a full review). When I first bought the kit, I was overwhelmed because of the incredibly gorgeous packaging and the amount of products that were included. I didn’t know where to start and they were just too pretty to use! I was a simple soap and water kinda girl then switched over to using a scrub everyday (because I read how important it is to exfoliate) and now, all of a sudden upgraded to these babies. So you could sort of get where I’m coming from and understand why I was a little overwhelmed.

But I am so glad that I decided to try the product line out. Before I started using the set, I did my research to figure out a routine that would work for my skin and my lifestyle. When I read up on how to use them, I started using the kit right away. I immediately saw results within a few days of using the kit. And saw even greater results within 2-3 weeks.

About My Skin

Unfortunately I don’t have close up shots of my skin before but a little about my skin,

  • I have normal to oily skin depending on the season
  • I had redness around my nose a bit of redness on my cheeks from being outdoors often (without using sunscreen)
  • had uneven skin from being outdoors often and not wearing suncreen
  • had under eye circles from not hydrating my skin properly

How did it improve my skin?

  • softer skin (both face and hands)
  • brighter skin
  • more plump
  • reduced production of oil on my face (realized that I was using the wrong products before for my skin type)
  • reduced redness and dark spots (as I play a lot of sports and am exposed to the sun constantly)
  • minimized dark under eye circles


But I am excited to share some results that other individuals have received from using the line as well.

Who is it for?

  • All skin types (men or women; dry, oil, combination or normal)

What comes in the kit?

The very common question that I always get is,

“Why are you using anti-aging products when you’re still so young?

Whenever others ask or assume my age, they think I’m younger than I actually am (which I’m flattered about, because it’ll benefit me when I’m older!). And that’s the simple reason why I use anti-aging products. It’ll benefit me when I’m older. The question I always ask is, “Why not?”

“I believe in prevention rather than cure.”

That’s the motto I stand by with everything beauty and health related. For example, I would much rather avoid getting wrinkles if I could, instead of waiting for them to develop over time and only then realize then, that I should start using something.

The regimen is made up of powerful formulas to help cleanse, tone, soothe and protect your skin. Each product works together to promote healthy and luminous skin.

How does it help? It’s designed to promote the natural healing process for all skin types.

That’s why I love it.

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Get the Lumière de Vie Full Regimen Kit here.

(My 100% full review)


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